Available instant credit for everyone.

 There is hardly a borrower who does not want to have his loan made available as quickly as possible. We would also be happy to take out an instant loan, which – as the name suggests – will be processed immediately by the banks. Many are therefore looking for an instant credit for everyone, because it is an advertising slogan that you often read on the Internet or that you also encounter in magazines and newspapers.

But what does it actually mean to take out an instant loan for everyone? And what requirements do you have to meet as a borrower?

What is an instant loan?

What is an instant loan?

With an instant loan for everyone, banks designate loans that are checked and processed by the relevant clerks immediately after the application is made. If you speak to a bank directly, it can happen that you can wait for the immediate loan to be processed. This means that at best the loan amount is ready to be paid out within a few minutes. However, this only happens if you opt for a manageable loan amount. The limit for banks is usually around 10,000 USD.

Anything up to 10,000 USD is considered a small loan and can therefore be applied for as an instant loan for everyone. Over 10,000 USD, the examination of the loan application is somewhat more extensive and you can no longer assume that it is an instant loan for everyone. Rather, with such a loan amount one has to reckon with the fact that the processing takes several days.

This has to be considered

This has to be considered

Now the banks in Germany are not known for carelessly lending their money. Rather, they look very closely with whom they are doing business with. You will only receive a loan if you have a good credit rating. A regulation that has existed for decades and has always proven itself.

In order to achieve a good credit rating, you have to be able to fulfill three important characteristics. On the one hand, this would be a good Credit bureau, which must not contain any negative entries and therefore shows no signs of failure to pay or open invoices. On the other hand, the income must match. It must be above the garnishment allowance and must not be obtained from an independent or freelance activity. Rather, it must come from a permanent job.

If you want to achieve a particularly good credit rating, you should also be a civil servant or at least work in the public service. The banks know very well that you can hardly lose your job in such a position and reward this with very good loan offers that go hand in hand with low interest rates and pleasant rates.

The loan should always be taken out where you can get the cheapest offer and where you feel most comfortable as a customer. Above all, young people rely on the offers of the direct banks. This can only be reached via the Internet. But the low interest rates and the application from home are particularly interesting here.

Others, on the other hand, love talking to a bank employee personally and would therefore only ever take out the loan at a local bank. This should also not be a problem if you have all the prerequisites for the instant loan for everyone. In the best case, you can wait at the bank for the direct payment of the money and thus use it in cash.

If you prefer to see it on your account, you can have it instructed with a lightning transfer and the money is then received in your own account within a few minutes. Exactly how you want it and how you want the money to be made available.