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How to choose a suitable Cellular Jammer?

As we can see so many Cellular Jammers at www.cellphoneblockerjammer.com, but how to choose a suitable cell phone jammer for your own purpose?

First,we can differ a jammer by its shape. There are mainly three styles in shape for Cell Phone Signal Blockers:Mini Mobile Phone Jammer,Portable Mobile Phone Jammer, Desktop Mobile Phone Jammers(Wall Mounted Mobile Phone jammers).

Mini Cell Phone Jammer is a very good tool for protecting yourself from being interupt when you are sleeping or at a snatch. The effectiveness radius is normally 1-5 metres.

Portable Cell Phone Jammer is a perfect tool for different places usage. With a portable jammer, you can take it at hand at a church, hospital,school, car,toilet and etc. to block phone signals.The effectiveness radius is about 5-20 Metres.

Deskto Mobile Phone Jammer is a powerful tool to block cell phone signals in that its high power. The effectiveness radius can reach 60 Metres.We ususally use it in large areas, like Mines,Churches,Schools and Hospitals.

Second, the choice we may take will be the signals we are going to block.There are GSM,CDMA,3G,4G,4G LTE,DCS,PCS,PHS Signals.As a rational buyer, you can estimate the signals you will need to block in your environment to save cost. Because, the more comprehensive the jammer is, the more expensive will be the cost.

To sum up, if you are an individual and just wanted to keep away from cell signal in a while,Mini Mobile Phone Jammer is your best choice, because it's tiny and invisible.It just keeps yourself from being disturbed and will not hinder other people around.And if you want to block signals in different places, a portable cell phone jammer is your priority choice. If you a teacher or doctor or mine owner, you don't want phone signals in a special area, you can choose a desktop cell phone jammer, because it's a powerful tool for blocking signals in a large radius.

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