Loans to finance free furniture

Currently, there are many options to decorate your home, but your economy may not allow you to get the financing you need. Therefore, here you will find the best credits to finance furniture.

Credit cards to finance furniture


One of the best ways to finance furniture is to use credit cards since if we use the full refund method, that is to say at the beginning of the following month, we will not have to pay interest.

These are some of the most competitive credit cards in the current market:

If we choose to use one of these plastics to finance furniture, it is important that we know that if we do not previously have it, it probably takes around 10 days to receive it in our home.

In addition, the banking entities that issue them usually demand that we comply with fairly strict requirements. This happens because they are products that allow us to have money instantly with amounts that can reach up to 10,000 euros (always depending on our profile and the issuer of the card) and, obviously, that is a great risk of default if you are in the hands of a person with a negative credit profile.

Loans of more than 5,000 euros to finance furniture


In the event that we want to acquire a large amount of furniture because we need to furnish our entire home or because the furniture we want is too expensive, we can resort to large personal loans such as the following:

The great advantage of these three loans is that they do not include commissions or the hiring of linked products, so we can know how much we will pay for them from the start. In addition, none is granted by a conventional bank, so it will not be necessary for us to be clients to receive it.

Also, we can get OnePayday Longer Term Personal Loans at a maximum of 48 hours.

Free mini-credits to buy furniture


Finally, if what we need is small amounts or liquidity in a matter of minutes, we can resort to online mini-credits that, in addition, now, in many cases, we can obtain without having to pay any interest :

If we decide on these products, we must be clear that the maximum amounts that are granted for free do not exceed 300 euros and that, to enjoy the offer, it will be necessary that we comply with the specific conditions that require us. Otherwise, we will end up paying money for something that in principle was going to be free of any kind of cost.

What type of furniture can we finance?


In the current market, we have a wide variety of furniture that we can buy and that we can classify according to the use we are going to give, the material they are made of, the style they have, the range they are in, etc.

However, we have decided to categorize them based on the use we are going to give them since it is the most useful and practical way to do it:

  • Living room furniture: this is the furniture we use to decorate our living room and to use them in it. For example, sofas, armchairs, tables, lamps, carpets, shelves, cabinets with shelves, etc.
  • Kitchen furniture: in this case, we could include the appliances that are usually embedded in the walls or floor of our kitchen. Some examples of this furniture can be shelves, dispensaries, shelters, stoves, etc.
  • Dining furniture: furniture that is designed with the aim of providing services at lunch, dinner or breakfast. Thus, they can be chairs, tables, cabinets, cubicles, bars, canteens …
  • Office furniture: in the case that we have a room at home that we use as an office or office we can acquire furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, lamps, desks, etc.
  • Furniture for bedrooms: when selecting the furniture that we want for the bedroom, we will have to take into account, above all, whether it will be double or individual. Generally, we can find beds, cots, bedside tables, shelves, trunks, dressers, etc.
  • Furniture for bathrooms: in this case and as with the kitchen furniture, we can group the furniture and bathroom accessories. Among the most common we find comfortable, toilets, toilets, mirrors, etc.
  • Furniture for gardens: if we are lucky enough to have a garden in our home, we are probably interested in furnishing it with, for example, chairs, tables, awnings, barbecues, umbrellas, etc.

What aspects of a piece of furniture should we look at before buying it?

When financing furniture, it may be advisable that we see them in person before buying them, that is, that we do not buy them over the Internet unless we are totally sure that this is the model we want. This happens because it is important that we are sure that a certain piece of furniture is the one we want and not another, taking into account its color, material, smell, dimensions, etc.

On the other hand, it is important that we always search and compare different shops and establishments to make sure that the furniture we choose is what we really want and the best quality-price they have.